September 11, 2015

Life Groups

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What’s better than students just going to church?

Students doing LIFE together…

Friday Night 7-9 PM

Girls Ministries

We provide girls with a place to grow in God. We emphasize friendship and fun in a safe, girls-only environment. Discussion-oriented topics include women in ministry, college and career, truth, pro-life vs. pro-choice, and attitude to name a few. Each teaching topic is complemented with projects and adventures.

GM Contact: Laura Purdon ~

In a world where society tells girls that they need the latest makeup, fashion labels, and styles to fit in, we need to raise a generation of young ladies to STAND OUT. To be strong and confident in themselves as the young women God has called them all to be. The Sisterhood is a bible study for middle to high school girls where they can feel comfortable to share whatever may be on their hearts with their peers in a healthy, godly, fun, safe environment.

SH Contacts: Zachi Rodriguez ~ & Meryl Spadaro ~

Royal Rangers

The Royal Rangers program is an activity-based, small group church ministry for young men in grades 7-12. Our mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. We provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for young men in a highly relational and fun environment.

Young men learn to study and apply what the Bible says about integrity, doctrine, biblical worldview, cultural issues and manhood. In addition, the Royal Rangers ministry molds young men into servant leaders, teaching them vital social, equipping, attitude, leadership and service skills.

Adventure Rangers – 7th – 8th grade
Expedition Rangers – 
9th – 12th grade

RR Contact: John Larocco ~

Sunday Afternoon 1PM-3:30PM
Teen Bible Quiz

Learn God’s Word, Live out God’s Word, Lead with God’s Word

Bible Quiz is a discipleship ministry geared for teens in 7-12th grade. Each year a different book or books of the New Testament are memorized by students. Several times during the year students attend meets within their district in order to test their ability to memorize and understand God’s Word. District and Regional meets take place in the Spring of each year with the top teams advancing to Nationals. Each year thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to students for their hard work.

This season we will be studying the Book of Mark! We are really excited to be studying about the Life and Ministry of Jesus.

Practices will be held on Sundays from 1:00pm to 3:30pm and will begin on June 25th. There will be no practice on July 2nd because of the holiday weekend. The following practice will be held on July 9th and will continue every Sunday after that. If you are planning to go on vacation pease inform us.

TBQ Contact: Emma Harper ~