September 11, 2015

Life Groups

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What’s better than students just going to church?

Students doing LIFE together…

Sunday Mornings 9-10 AM

The Source Guys – for young men only
The Source Girls – for young women only

Sunday Afternoons 3:30-5:30 PM

Teen Bible Quiz
TBQ Contact: Emma Harper ~ 

Sunday Nights 6-7:30 PM

Girls Ministries
GM Contact: Dawn Armstrong ~

We provide girls with a place to grow in God. We emphasize friendship and fun in a safe, girls-only environment. Discussion-oriented topics include women in ministry, college and career, truth, pro-life vs. pro-choice, and attitude to name a few. Each teaching topic is complemented with projects and adventures.

Royal Rangers
Adventure Rangers –
7th – 8th grade
Expedition Rangers – 
9th – 12th grade

RR Contact: John Larocco ~

Other Life Groups

SH Contacts: Zachi Rodriguez ~ &  Meryl Spadaro ~

In a world where society tells girls that they need the latest makeup, fashion labels, and styles to fit in, we need to raise a generation of young ladies to STAND OUT. To be strong and confident in themselves as the young women God has called them all to be. The Sisterhood is a bible study for middle to high school girls where they can feel comfortable to share whatever may be on their hearts with their peers in a healthy, godly, fun, safe environment. The Sisterhood meets one to two times a month on Fridays from 6-8:30pm.