May 15, 2015

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How do you normally introduce yourself? Maybe you start with, “Hi. I’m (insert your name here).” But what comes after that? Sure, you can talk about where you go to school, or what hobbies you’re into, but that doesn’t really introduce anyone to you, just facts about you. When Jesus talked about Himself, He would make statements like, “I am the Good Shepherd” and, “I am the bread of life.” As strange as they sound, these statements give us a better picture of who Jesus is. Because if He is a shepherd, then we are His sheep. And if He is the bread of life, then we can be satisfied in Him. In this series, we’ll discover that the way Jesus described Himself, gives us a clue into who we are as well.

May 24th – “Follow the Leader”
If someone asked you to picture Jesus in your mind, what would He look like to you? No matter how you see Him, chances are the image you have of Jesus probably comes from a lot of places—things you’ve heard, stories you’ve read, or pictures you’ve seen depicting Him. While those images may have some truth to them, they’re not always completely accurate. And sometimes they leave us wondering if who Jesus really is lives up to all the hype. The good news is that Jesus didn’t leave us guessing who He is. Instead, He gave us the next best thing to actually knowing Him on Earth— His words and actions. As we look this week at some of the things Jesus said about Himself in the Bible, we’ll not only get a better picture of who He is, but also discover that who He is, is worth following.

May 31st – “Good Shepherd, Good Hands”
Have you ever been overcome with awkwardness or embarrassment? Sometimes the whole idea of God can make us feel that way. We’re afraid of what God really thinks of us or how He will feel when we mess up. So we avoid going to church, praying, or getting closer to God to keep ourselves from feeling uncomfortable. And it kind of makes you wonder, Is this how following God is supposed to be? This week we’ll look back at some of the things Jesus shared in the book of John about who He is. As we do, we’ll realize that our relationship with Jesus doesn’t have to be shaped by embarrassment, judgment, or insecurity. In fact, because He is leading, guiding, and shepherding us, we can rest knowing that our lives are in good hands.

June 7th – “Never Hungry”
Do you ever wish life felt more like an epic movie? Filled with moments where the hero wins, the guy gets the girl, and everyone rides off into the sunset together? Unfortunately, we all know those moments are usually saved for the big screen. Real life just isn’t jam-packed with those incredible movie moments. Because of that, real life can sometimes feel a little less than exciting—even boring. But what if you didn’t need more of those movie moments in your life to be satisfied? What if you could find fullness and fulfillment in your life during the normal, everyday moments? This week we’ll discover that’s exactly how Jesus wants us to live—fully satisfied no matter where we are in life. And if we can fully embrace who He is, we may just find our everyday lives becoming more epic and exciting than we ever imagined.

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